Butler Avionics, along with Butler National Corporation and Avcon Industries, Inc., has worked to provide ADS-B information and solutions for aircraft owners.

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Learn About ADS-B

Butler Avionics has worked with its parent and sister companies, Butler National Corporation and Avcon Industries, Inc., to create an all-in-one guide to ADS-B.

Our new website,, explains what ADS-B is, the different forms of ADS-B, what you’ll need, and where and when you’ll need it.

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Find ADS-B Products

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Butler Avionics is a certified installation center for a number of ADS-B component manufacturers including Garmin, Aspen Avionics, Avidyne, and S-TEC / Genesys Aerosystems. We sell, install, and service ADS-B parts including navigation systems / GPS units, transponders, and flight displays.

Read the Mandate

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The ADS-B Mandate is located in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) – more specifically, 14 CFR §91.225 and §91.227. The document is available online from the Government Publishing Office.

Don’t lose valuable flight time.

Aircraft that lack ADS-B(Out) functionality will be grounded starting January 1st, 2020. Don’t get stuck during the holiday season – contact Butler Avionics today to begin planning your compliance solution.

We offer turn-key ADS-B compliance kits with comprehensive installation support. To get started, contact us at 1 (913) 829-4606 or

ADS-B Solutions from Butler Avionics

Butler Avionics is ready to help you become ADS-B compliant, no matter your aircraft. We possess multiple STCs authorizing the installation of ADS-B systems into Learjets (models 24, 25, 31A, 35, 35A, 36, 36A, and 60) and offer a variety of solutions for both Part 23 and Part 25 aircraft.

ADS-B Installation Diagram

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When installed, these systems satisfy the pending regulatory requirements. Butler ADS-B solutions are 14 CFR § 91.227 compliant and provide both ADS-B(Out) and ADS-B(In) capabilities. This means that your aircraft will be ready to fly as soon as the new rules go into effect, and you’ll be able to take full advantage of the benefits ADS-B provides.

Learjet 60 ADS-B (PDF)
Learjet 24 / 25 / 35 / 36 ADS-B (PDF)

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