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Butler Avionics offers various ADS-B equipment configurations for legacy Learjets. Our Garmin-based solutions integrate seamlessly with existing equipment, providing ADSB(Out) compliance and options for ADS-B(In) capabilities.

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Butler Avionics uses two STCs to offer ADS-B installations for Learjet aircraft. Learn about ST02230SE, a configurable option for non-TCAS II equipped aircraft, and ST02455SE, for aircraft with TCAS II, in the Learjet ADS-B section.

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Understanding ADS-B

This page offers intermediate-level information regarding ADS-B, including brief explanations of what it is, how it works, and what you need to comply with regulations..

The U.S. ADS-B Mandate is located in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 14 CFR §91.225 and §91.227. The document is available online from the Government Publishing Office.

Learjet 31A

Butler Avionics ADS-B Solutions Now Available for both
TCAS-II and non TCAS-II equipped Learjet 31A Aircraft.

Butler Avionics offers multiple ADS-B solutions for Legacy Learjet Aircraft, including the 31A, that incorporate either the GDL-88 GPS and GTX3000 Transponder or the Garmin GTN 625/725 GPS and GTX 335R/345R Transponders into standalone ADS-B(Out) compliant systems. Solutions can be configured for ADS-B(In) capabilities.

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What is ADS-B?

ADS-B (“Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast”) was developed as a modern replacement for radar – using satellites to provide near-real-time updates on aircraft position, heading, speed, and altitude, both to pilots and to air-traffic controllers on the ground.

How It Benefits You

In addition to maintaining airworthiness, ADS-B installations add value to the aircraft by reducing pilot workload and increasing overall situational awareness. Aircraft equipped with a 978mhz “UAT” (Universal Access Transceiver) can receive advisory-level weather and traffic information in the cockpit – both on glass cockpit displays (like the Garmin GTN), and on portable electronic devices such as the iPad.

ADS-B Around The Globe

While ADS-B marks a significant milestone in the safety of international aviation, it doesn’t come without its troubles. Pending regulations in the United States require all aircraft operating above 3000 ft MSL to be equipped with ADS-B – and are expected to leave over 50,000 General Aviation aircraft on the ground, come January 1st 2020.

Many other countries already enforce ADS-B requirements, or plan to do so in the near future. In some countries, including Australia, domestic aircraft may need to meet regulations before the dates listed below.

Canada In Effect ADS-B Out for Preferred Routing
Hong Kong In Effect FL290+
Singapore In Effect FL290+ in specific airways.
Sri Lanka In Effect FL290+ in Colombo TMA
Vietnam In Effect FL290+ in specific airways.
Seychelles In Effect All controlled airspace.
Indonesia In Effect Between FL290 & Fl460 in Jakarta and Ujung Pandang FIRs.
Mexico* In Effect *For flights ≥ 3000ft with in 12nm of the Gulf Coast.
Taiwan In Effect FL290 & above in Taipei FIR.
United States In Effect Wherever a Mode-C transponder is currently required.
Colombia In Effect All Colombian airspace.
Australia 2020-06-07 All aircraft regardless of country of registration.
Europe 2020-06-08 IFR > 5,700kg or >250KTAS cruise.

Solutions for Any Aircraft

Haven’t scheduled your installation? Don’t worry: we install cost-effective ADS-B compliance solutions with minimal downtime, allowing you to stay in the air after the mandate takes effect.

Butler Avionics works with all its customers to provide the best ADS-B solutions. We can design a modification for ADS-B equipment in your aircraft and file for STC approval, or get a one-time-use STC installation license from another avionics shop (if an applicable STC already exists). Please speak to a sales representative by emailing to learn more about our capabilities.

Achieving Compliance:
Anatomy of an ADS-B Installation

ADS-B “Out”

ADS-B demands that aircraft send out data to nearby receivers, including ground stations and nearby aircraft. An ADS-B installation adds the equipment needed for the aircraft to reliably collect and broadcast its own data to the world.

To broadcast the necessary information, most aircraft need two new components – for legibility these will be referenced within this description as “Communication” and “Navigation”:

Communication Component


Mode-S Transponder with Extended Squitter


978mhz UAT

Universal Access Transceiver

Navigation Component


Wide-Area-Augmentation-System GPS


GNSS/SBAS Receiver

Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems

How it Works

The Communication Component and Navigation Component are “paired” together – such that the Navigation Component is able to send information, via an approved interface, to the Communication Component.

In the air, the Navigation Component collects information about the aircraft – including speed, position, altitude, heading, et cetera – and sends it to the Communication Component, which broadcasts the data to nearby aircraft and ground stations. This outflow of data allows for detailed, near-real-time tracking of every equipped aircraft, with greater precision and reliability than contemporary radar.

ADS-B “In”

ADS-B transmissions can be listened to by any appropriate receiving device. As a result, aircraft equipped with ADS-B receivers can take in data that is broadcast or re-broadcast by nearby aircraft and ground stations.

Aircraft with appropriate receivers are described as having ADS-B “In” capabilities. Capable aircraft may utilize advisory broadcasts, which include weather (FIS-B) and air-traffic information (TIS-B), free-of-charge.

FIS-B (Weather) Services
Abbreviation Description
METAR Aviation Routine Weather Reports
SPECI Aviation Selected Special Weather Reports
TAF Terminal Area Forecasts
SIGMET Significant Meteorological Information
AIRMET Airman’s Meteorological Information
PIREP Pilot Reports
NEXRAD CONUS and Regional Reflectivity
NOTAMS / FDC Notices to Airmen / Flight Data Center
FD / FB Winds and Temperatures Aloft
TIS-B (Traffic) Specifications
TIS-B Near-Real-Time Air Traffic Information streamed to the cockpit
Lateral Range Ø 30 Nautical Miles (55.56 km)
Vertical Range ± 3500 feet (1066.8 m)

Aircraft owners should make sure safety assessments are conducted on TIS-B and FIS-B avionics. The equipment should meet the performance requirements of the FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO) to ensure it is compatible with existing FAA FIS-B services and meets minimum performance and quality control standards.

We encourage our customers to read more about FIS-B and TIS-B on the FAA website.

ADS-B For Learjets

Butler Avionics offers various ADS-B equipment configurations for legacy Learjets. Our Garmin-based solutions integrate seamlessly with existing equipment, providing ADS-B(Out) compliance and options for ADS-B(In) capabilities.

Installations start at just $54,500.*

* dependent on factors including selected configuration and existing equipment.

ADS-B Solutions
from Butler Avionics

Butler Avionics uses several separate STCs to provide ADS-B for legacy Learjets both with and without TCAS II. Use the chart below to determine which STCs are applicable for your aircraft, or speak to a sales representative for further assistance.

Applicable STCs By Learjet Model
24 25 31 35 36 60
24 25 31 35 36 60
24 A 25 A 31 A 35 A 36 A  
24 B 25 B        
24 B-A 25 C        
24 C 25 D        
24 D 25 F        
24 E          
24 F          
24 F-A          
Legend ST02230SE ST02455SE either STC

Comparing STCs

Both Butler Avionics ADS-B STCs offer state-of-the-art equipment and full ADS-B functionality (ADS-B “Out” standard, with the option of ADS-B “In” capability). The key difference is that ST02230SE is installed in aircraft without TCAS-II, while ST02455SE provides installation compatibilities in aircraft with TCAS-II.


Configurable ADS-B for Non-TCAS II Learjets

ST02230SE offers three different configurations to match the needs expressed by different parts of our diverse customer base.

No Navigation

  • Garmin GTN 625 GPS – View »
  • 2x Garmin GTX Transponders – View »

Designed for maximum cost-effectiveness, this configuration satisfies the ADS-B mandate. The installation includes a 4.9” touchscreen display (GTN 625) and two Mode-S transponders (GTX) for ADS-B compliance. The GTN does not produce any output, to the autopilot or any instruments, in this configuration..

GPS Autopilot Navigation

  • Garmin GTN 625 or 725 GPS – View »
  • 2x Garmin GTX Transponders – View »

This ADS-B (Out) Compliance configuration uses one GTX 335R and one GTX 345R transponder to provide ADS-B (In) functionality along with optional autopilot-coupled functionality of the GTN Navigator.

COM / NAV / GPS Roll Steering

  • 2x Garmin GTN 750 GPS – View »
  • 2x Garmin GTX 345R Transponders – View »

Dramatically enhancing situational awareness and the overall cockpit experience, this configuration adds one or two top-of-the-line 6.9” Garmin GTN 650 or 750 touchscreen displays, one GTX 335R transponder, and one GTX 345R transponder. Pilots use this equipment to visualize their entire flight plan with overlays for approach charts, weather, traffic, and more. The GTN 650 / 750 pairing with the GTX 335R / 345R transponders provides operators with a significant avionics upgrade as well as ADS-B (Out) compliance.


Fully-Featured ADS-B Compliance Package for TCAS-II Equipped Learjets

ST02455SE was crafted specifically for Learjets with TCAS-II, and applies to the Model 31/31-A, 35/35-A, 36/36-A, and 60. Using state-of-the-art Garmin parts, the package integrates seamlessly with existing equipment, and allows full ADS-B functionality.

Standard Equipment

The installation replaces existing transponders with the GTX-3000, a TCAS-II compatible Mode-S transponder. The GTX-3000 integrates with change 7.0 or later TCAS-II Systems and Controller / Radio Tuning Units. The GDL-88 Sensor / Data Link supplies WAAS-GPS positional information to the GTX-3000 for ADS-B (Out) compliance. The GDL-88 interfaces to the Flight Stream 210 for ADS-B (In) functionality to portable electronic devices.

Optional Equipment for ADS-B “In”

  • Garmin Flight Stream 210 – View »

When ST02455SE is configured for ADS-B “In”, the Flight Stream 210 allows ADS-B “In” information received by the GDL® 88 to be sent via BlueTooth™ to compatible portable electronic devices (including the iPad). This allows valuable advisory-level information, including traffic and weather broadcasts, to be viewed in the cockpit – with no subscription fees.

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Aircraft that lack ADS-B(Out) functionality will be grounded in less than six months.

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Advantages of Butler Avionics

State-Of-The-Art Garmin components and optional ADS-B(In) capability (BlueTooth transmitted to a portable electronic device such as the iPad) distinguish Butler Avionics STCs from ordinary ADS-B solutions. The ADS-B(In) functionality provides uplink weather information, a graphical traffic display, and other flight information on the iPad that enhances overall situational awareness.

Full ADS-B “In” and “Out” Functionality

Both ST02230SE and ST02455SE have the option of ADS-B “In”. Butler Avionics makes it easy to take advantage of the subscription-free weather and traffic information offered by ensuring customers can send FIS-B and TIS-B data to common, cost-effective devices such as tablets.

ADS-B In offers data-streaming to portable electronic devices, such as the iPad - a tremendous reduction in pilot workload that enhances overall situational awareness.

Photo: Butler Avionics ADS-B installation undergoing flight testing in 2018. Illustrates the use of Portable Electronic Devices with “ADS-B In” in the cockpit.

Butler Avionics utilizes “Glass Cockpit” displays like the GTN Navigator – making FIS-B and TIS-B data from ADS-B “In” easier to use by showing information on high-fidelity 4.9″ (Garmin GTN 650) to 6.9″ (Garmin GTN 750) color LED displays. Moreover, Garmin Equipment such as the Flight Stream 210 makes it easy to stream information to portable electronic devices (such as the iPad), meaning you can access these data streams while still utilizing your GTN Navigator(s) for other purposes.

Powerful Equipment.
Flexible Configurations.
Seamless Installation.

Trusted In Avionics since 1969

ADS-B Solutions from Butler Avionics have garnered attention for being flexible, configurable, and state-of-the-art.

Butler Avionics is a major Learjet ADS-B provider for Garmin – offering solutions for the 20 and 30 series as well as the Learjet 60 – since the original development of ST02455SE for the Learjet 60 in 2015. The recent FAA approval of STCs for the Learjet 31-A marks yet another expansion to our offerings and overall ADS-B expertise.

ADS-B Installation in Learjet.

Furthermore, Butler Avionics is a certified installation center for a number of ADS-B component manufacturers including Garmin, Aspen Avionics and S-TEC / Genesys Aerosystems. Butler Avionics offers to help customers whose aircraft may not have an ADS-B option readily available, by utilizing 50 years of expertise in the design, integration and testing of novel aircraft modifications and Supplemental Type Certficates. We receive requests for STC approvals from end-users and OEMs, both with unique interests in solving aircraft avionics opportunities. We are capable of developing new STCs based on customer request.

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Details & Resources


Designed with U.S. regulations in mind, Butler ADS-B solutions are 14 CFR § 91.225 and 91.227 compliant. Many of our installations meet multiple international regulatory standards. Please speak to a Sales Representative for further information or assistance.

Documents / Information

Learjet 60 ADS-B (PDF)
Learjet 24 / 25 / 35 / 36 ADS-B (PDF)

Installation Diagram

Depicts the relationship between installed equipment. To request a diagram of your planned configuration, please contact us.

ADS-B Installation Diagram

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